Odoo Installation Steps

There are two ways to Install Odoo. First one is simply install one by one dependencies like Python, PostGres etc. and another way to just simply Download the Installation Script and just Run it. You all setup is done. This Script references is : https://github.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript

You Just have to type 3 Commands in Command Line :

Step 1 :

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript/13.0/odoo_install.sh

Step 2:

sudo chmod +x odoo_install.sh

This Command is used to make Executable Script

Step 3:

sudo ./odoo_install.sh

That’s All. It take some times to Install dependencies, and you got it.

Thank You…


Configure Point of Sale in Odoo 13

Odoo Provides strong POS Module that called Point of Sale. It is part of modern retail enterprises, like supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. POS module give you Many Functionalities like Managing Inventory. It allows you Online as well as Offline Operations

With POS, You can also integrate external Devices like

  • Register Devices
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • IoT Devices
  • Cash Drawer

There are several Configuration Steps to configure POS Module

Step 1:

Install POS Module from Odoo Store

Point of Sale Module in Odoo Store

Step 2:

Now Go to Point of Sale -> Products -> Products

Product List

Click on Product, This is appear in POS like this

Now under the ‘Point of Sale tab’, Tick the ‘Available in POS’ option.\

Then Go to, Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale

Now Click on CREATE Option

Payment methods in POS

Here you can set Your Payment Methods

Step 3 :

Go to Point of Sale -> Dashboard

When an order from a customer is completed, the payment can be registered by clicking on the Payment button. Once the payment methods have appeared in the payment window, select the appropriate one and enter the amount received and validate the payment by clicking on the ‘Validate’ button and ‘Print receipt’. You can continue with the ‘Next Order’ straight from there by clicking on the corresponding button on the top right corner if the receipt window

You can Close this Window by Click on Close on Right Top Corner.

Thank You…


Flutter Installation Steps

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS.

It’s very easy to Setup Flutter in Mac, Linux or Windows

Step 1:

Download Flutter Package from It’s Official Website. Here is the Link: https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/linux and Extract it on particular Directory

Step 2 :

Now After Extracting compress File, You have to Set PATH. For Mac or Linux just type sudo nano ~./bash_profile.

then Write this line in bash_profile

export PATH=”$PATH:pwd/flutter/bin”

here pwd means Your Flutter directory path with bin folder

Now Restart your Terminal and run this Command

flutter doctor

After Verifying this You can Use Other IDE to develop app. But we recommended VS Code to Create Flutter App. here is the Download Link : https://code.visualstudio.com/download

After open VS Code you have to install two Plugins, Flutter & Dart

That’s it.

Now You can Create Flutter New Project


Flutter Widget Introductions

Flutter Widget means Controls in other Programming Language e.g. Android Button Control. Flutter Provides variety of Widget and Very Easy to Implement.

Button :

Flutter provides RaisedButton, Outlined Button and FlatButton. It is used to perform an actions when User Tap

TextField :

This is Input Box to get Value entered by User an we can process on that

Text :

It is used to Display Label to show for User

Image :

Flutter provides variety of Image like NetworkImage, Image.asset, Image.network, FadedImage etc

ListView :

To show Item in Vertical or Horizontal List

Column :

To align Vertically other widgets

Row :

To align Horizontally other Widgets


WordPress Installation on Localhost

WordPress provides the most amazing way of creating websites and blogs. More than 34% of the websites are built using WordPress. So, it can be said that this popular content management system is famous for developing blogging sites and websites.

It’s Very Easy to Install WordPress on Localhost or Server

Step 1:

Download wordpress zip file from : https://wordpress.org/download/

Step 2:

Extract that zip file in htdocs folder if you have xampp

Now open http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create one database

Now open http://localhost/wordpress-folder-name/

You will see this page

WordPress Language Selection Page

Select Your preferable Language and Click Next

Here you have to enter Database Name, UserName, Password and Next

Now You have to Configure your basic website Meta like this :

That’s it..